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Oral care solution optimizing core values

wanted by customers

ONE STAR’s 360-degree toothbrush is a premium oral care system designed with advanced

technology and through continued R&Ds. In the Republic of Korea only,

more than 1 million pieces are being sold every year. In addition, it is exported to

15 countries (as of 2019) including the U.S., Japan, China, Taiwan and Russia.

LUX360 and LUXPET developed considering the health conditions of gum and tooth and

oral structure of pet animals have proven that they are twice more efficient than

conventional one-way toothbrushes in terms of cleaning and removal of tongue coating/bad breath removal.

(Oct. 2017; Dept. of Preventive Dentistry, DANKOOK University; Professor Shin Seung-chul’s Team)

Our products have such unique structure, featuring smooth ultrasonic technology.

We have launched sonic MEGATEN series which are helpful in removing harmful bacteria and

viruses which are hard to be eliminated through brushing only without any stimulation on

teeth and gum. We have also developed new and progressive products such as

Character Sonic for kids and Swarovski Cubic-applied premium Dorothy.

We have proven effects through various clinical trials.

As a result, the Korean Academy of Preventive Dentistry officially
recommended MEGATEN 360-degree toothbrush


Short but extra-soft and highly elastic superfine bristles

Our toothbrush has roughly 20,000 rounded highly elastic bristles made of the premium fabric of DuPont ‘Tynex®’. (Over 20 times greater than conventional one-way toothbrushes) The short but soft highly elastic bristles help young children and even those with periodontal diseases keep their teeth healthy without any irritation on the sensitive gum. They are also effective in keeping your teeth clean even for those wearing dental braces.

Washer in the head & uniform sonic vibration

Washers are inserted to prevent bacteria. They keep bristles durable and secured so that they can be kept intact even after being bitten off. In addition, 18,000 times of smooth and even sonic vibration generates micro-water bubbles in 360 degrees, ensuring easy and convenient cleaning every corner of your mouth.


Sanitary and groove-less design

The bristles are fixed with copper wire. Unlike conventional one-way toothbrushes which have a high possibility of bacterial growth because of toothpaste, fat or protein residue between bristles, our products in 360-degree, groove-less design are safe and sanitary.


Aiming to become the world’s leading 360-degree
premium oral care brand : MEGATEN

MEGATEN is an electric toothbrush-centered premium oral care brand.
Come and enjoy smart oral care products for tooth health.

MEGATEN CHARACTER SONIC: Sonic vibration toothbrush for kids
MEGATEN LUMI/DOROTHY: Sonic vibration toothbrush for adults


The tooth-brushing solution
chosen by smart moms from around the world: LUX360

From pregnant women to young children / 98% repurchase rates

LUX 360 KIDS: From young children to kids
LUX360 ADULTS: From pregnant women and elderly people to healthy adults


The first step to lifelong health for pet animals

The era of longevity for pet animals has come! Now, it is time to care for their teeth.
The 360-degree superfine bristles ensure remarkable plaque elimination.

LUXPET: Toothbrush for pet animals